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  • “I wanted to be successful, not famous.”
    by George Harrison
  • “Famous, adj.: Conspicuously miserable.”
    by Ambrose Bierce
  • “I will either be famous or infamous.”
    by Otto Dix
  • “I am beautiful, famous and gorgeous.”
    by Anna Kournikova
  • “I never thought about being famous.”
    by Damon Wayans
  • “I just want to be rich and famous.”
    by Ian Hart
  • “Andy Warhol made fame more famous.”
    by Fran Lebowitz
  • “I mean I was famous for nothing.”
    by Rick Springfield
  • “My hair was famous before I was.”
    by Christopher Walken
  • “To be famous and broke is hard.”
    by David Spade
  • “I never pursued being 'famous.'”
    by Francesca Annis
  • “I want to be famous everywhere.”
    by Luciano Pavarotti
  • “In Germany I am not so famous.”
    by Hans Berger
  • “I'm as famous as I want to be.”
    by Tracey Ullman
  • “I actually don't feel famous.”
    by Anwar Robinson
  • “I never wanted to be famous.”
    by Dave Attell
  • “I got the famous Oprah hug!”
    by Taylor Lautner
  • “I'm famous. That's my job.”
    by Jerry Rubin
  • “I was famous from birth.”
    by Peter Fonda
  • “I don't feel famous.”
    by Uma Thurman

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    Loved that quote and the beautiful phtgrooaphy. I stopped over from Xanthe’s course to say hello. You have a beautiful blog. I’m looking forward to seeing your final video. Peggy from PA, USA

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