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  • “I don't know about this thing - being famous. I haven't figured it out yet. It still mystifies me.”
    by Helen Slater
  • “I guess we decided to make a new record 3 years ago when Nancy was done scoring for Almost Famous.”
    by Ann Wilson
  • “I've never had a desire to be famous. Lots of actors are actually extremely shy. I have shy areas.”
    by Jeremy Northam
  • “Sometimes people offer you plays, they offer you parts, but they only offer it because I'm famous.”
    by Chris Rock
  • “I don't like being famous - it is like a prison. And driving for Ferrari would make it far worse.”
    by Valentino Rossi
  • “I know it's a cliche but I never wanted to be famous. I don't believe anybody wants to be famous.”
    by Jeremy Renner
  • “I thought the more famous I became, the more friendships I would have, but the opposite was true.”
    by Alanis Morissette
  • “I put my money in the bank: I have to think of life after modeling, when I'm not famous any more.”
    by Eva Herzigova
  • “People seldom become famous for what they say until after they are famous for what they've done.”
    by Cullen Hightower
  • “I believe some people in this business suffer from fame because they behave in a famous fashion.”
    by Stephen Rea
  • “I just think Rosa Parks was overrated. Last time I checked, she got famous for breaking the law.”
    by Stephen Colbert
  • “The fire in the belly is essential, otherwise you become Michael Buble - famous and meaningless.”
    by Steven Patrick Morrissey
  • “I'm a bit jealous. Until two days ago someone told me I am the most famous Korean in the world.”
    by PSY
  • “I have been very happy, very rich, very beautiful, much adulated, very famous and very unhappy.”
    by Brigitte Bardot
  • “I think being famous is more of a hindrance, a constraint, than just letting yourself be free.”
    by Martin Yan
  • “You can become famous but you can't become unfamous. You can become infamous but not unfamous.”
    by Dave Chappelle
  • “If there's anything more mortifying than being famous at 14, it's being washed up right after.”
    by Moon Unit Zappa
  • “We all want to be famous people, and the moment we want to be something we are no longer free.”
    by Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • “Slowly but surely, we are acquiring that famous culture of democracy, which is our objective.”
    by Paul Biya
  • “It's not a sport you get famous at. If I wanted to be famous, I would have stuck with hockey.”
    by Eric Heiden

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