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  • “Hollywood today is all about being consistent. All thinking in mainstream film business takes place in one box.”
    by Dirk Benedict
  • “Publishing is a business. Writing may be art, but publishing, when all is said and done, comes down to dollars.”
    by Nicholas Sparks
  • “I support transitioning from the progressive tax to a flat tax system - both individual and corporate/business.”
    by Allen West
  • “Our competition for American business is no longer in the next county or the next state, it's around the world.”
    by Karl Rove
  • “We are in danger of making our cities places where business goes on but where life, in its real sense, is lost.”
    by Hubert H. Humphrey
  • “I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.”
    by William Blake
  • “The great leaders are like the best conductors - they reach beyond the notes to reach the magic in the players.”
    by Blaine Lee
  • “One's mind has a way of making itself up in the background, and it suddenly becomes clear what one means to do.”
    by A. C. Benson
  • “The business of peace requires more than showing up with paint brushes, foodstuffs and an oil pipeline or two.”
    by Tony Snow
  • “I think I want to move forward. I want to move to Brooklyn and find a business Italian guy to take care of me.”
    by Nicole Polizzi
  • “When business executives are making the artistic decisions and don't understand animation, things can go awry.”
    by Don Bluth
  • “I wasn't looking to get into TV. My family was in the movie business, so I was never interested in that world.”
    by Giada De Laurentiis
  • “The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere with business.”
    by Clarence Darrow
  • “No, I regret nothing, all I regret is having been born, dying is such a long tiresome business I always found.”
    by Samuel Beckett
  • “People assume that all artists make for terrible business people, but I'm in complete charge of my own career.”
    by Tori Amos
  • “It can be hard in this business, especially when you're very young, to figure out who you can and can't trust.”
    by Christina Aguilera
  • “Well, there's different shades of Hollywood, sure. I mean, I'm working in this business but I'm not Hollywood.”
    by Shia LaBeouf
  • “I don't think we should be about the business of denying voters in Michigan and Florida the right to be heard.”
    by Hillary Clinton
  • “What we've gone through in the last several years has caused some people to question 'Can we trust Microsoft?'”
    by Steve Ballmer
  • “Nothing so conclusively proves a man's ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself.”
    by Thomas J. Watson

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